On the 18th of November 2020, a new revision of the Scrum Guide was released and this time, the changes were massive compared to previous adaptations.

Scrum is not the solution; it only helps to solve your problems.

The new Scrum Guide 2020 includes the streamlining and modernisation of some concepts and sections as well as the elimination of convoluted terms and…

I’ve tried to implement the OKR framework on three different occasions, and just finally got it right. Looking back at my other attempts, it is crystal clear what we got wrong before and correct this time.

The pillars of OKR (and Scrum)

OKRs are a simple way to create strategic alignment inside an organization. Simply defined…

Baptiste Grand

I’m an Agile Coach that wants to inspire you to seek happiness in your work and your life, by changing the way we do stuff.

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