As the world experienced a one-in-a-lifetime pandemic, we all tried to find ways to adapt and to operate as good as possible. During this process, we had to learn how to work from home efficiently ; some of us used their newly found free time to learn new skills ; and all of us had to discover new ways to bond with our friends and families. Coping with these challenging times wasn’t easy and after a year, it is quite clear that it put a strain on our energy, both physically and mentally. …

On the 18th of November 2020, a new revision of the Scrum Guide was released and this time, the changes were massive compared to previous adaptations.

Scrum is not the solution; it only helps to solve your problems.

The new Scrum Guide 2020 includes the streamlining and modernisation of some concepts and sections as well as the elimination of convoluted terms and rigid guidelines. The objective of the changes is clear to me: less rules mean more freedom for a Scrum team to experiment with its processes, and more “Inspect and adapt”. It’s no longer about ticking boxes; it is more about the Scrum team achieving a common goal.

The new Scrum…

I’ve tried to implement the OKR framework on three different occasions, and just finally got it right. Looking back at my other attempts, it is crystal clear what we got wrong before and correct this time.

The pillars of OKR (and Scrum)

OKRs are a simple way to create strategic alignment inside an organization. Simply defined, the “Objective & Key Results” framework helps you to define yearly goals, align quarterly objectives and track all their outcomes.

How does OKRs work?

OKR could be defined as an Agile practice as it relies heavily on the values of transparency, inspection and adaptation. It is very simple to understand and extremely difficult to…

I was invited to talk on a Podcast of the VDMA association about Agile. It’s in German, but I wrote down an extended transcript. Please note that the podcast is directed towards people of the mechanical industry that may not have any prior knowledge of Agile.

1. What is Agile?

Agility is the goal of adaptability, which means reducing the cost of
changing. Everyone can see that the world is becoming less and less predictable, which makes agility a desirable skill. You want to be able to change your products, markets, policies and strategies as easily and as often as needed.

Agile started with…

Last week, I gave a webinar for the IESE Business School, where I explored what Agile is and how it impacts the way Business and Organizations are run and structures. You can find the link to the video here bellow.

Too long; didn’t watch:

Each organization has a purpose and a strategy to achieve it. If we take the example of retail shops, by opposing a discount supermarket (such as Lidl), with a luxury or specialized shop (such as Louis Vuitton or a BIO supermarket). …

The Moving Motivators are a Management 3.0 practice that helps people to express their intrinsic motivations. It is an amazing tool to get to know people that can be used in a lot of different setups. Today, I’m presenting you how I am using these colorful little cards during our job interviews.

Moving Motiwhat?

The moving motivators are small cards that represents ten intrinsic motivations, known as CHAMPFROGS*, that are desires and values that each of us are longing for. These desires are subjective, so expressed differently by different people, and are strongly linked to each person’s “Why”.

The standard way of…

In my previous companies, I used to be invited to team meetings being one hundred percent confident that I will get bored at some point. Everyone I know already experienced or is still experiencing this, and that brings a question: Can’t we do better?

What is usually happening is that participants often have nothing to report or that are not really interested about what their colleagues are doing — but rather that Team Meetings are often extremely useless ceremonies when one is simply waiting for someone to ask you the same questions again and again.

Why are Team Meeting boring?

Team meeting is too often…

I’ll start to say that this question is one of the most fundamental one when approaching Agile and every organization typically has its own interpretation on it. But here’s mine:

The Stacey Complexity Matrix

The most frequent answer to “When should we use Waterfall or be Agile?” is almost always revolving around a version of the Stacey Matrix, like the one directly below:

Which reads like the two following questions:

Do you know what to do? (Requirement axis)

Do you know how to do it? (Technology axis)

If you can answer both question by ‘yes’, then you are really lucky and there is no…

DISCLAIMER: Don’t mixed happiness and good mood. I am happy that my car can get quickly fixed after a crash, but that doesn’t really highlight my day

When was the last time you woke up, excited to go to work?

How many people in your team woke up this morning, looking forward to go to work?

The answers to these questions can vary overtime but overall, you should see a trend emerging; and whatever this trend is, there is things to consider to control, boost and manage happy people that will translate into pure productivity gains, reputation gains and tons…

Weeks after weeks, trainings after trainings, I have been asked the same question by my students: “Now, what?”

It is clear that a one- or two-days training in not enough to go in the depth of what every role, ritual, artefact and principles are. Based on that, I have tried to compile a short list of resources (mostly videos) that can be easily consumed but also give great insight of their own topics.

Now, that I have done the work and mature this list over months, it is time to share it with the Agilists communities out there. …

Baptiste Grand

I’m an Agile Coach that wants to inspire you to seek happiness in your work and your life, by changing the way we do stuff.

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