9 Insights after a year efforts to fight Loneliness when working from home


Is loneliness a real problem?


Our Insights to fight remote Loneliness

One-on-One Lunches

To fight loneliness, we noticed how essential one-on-one communication is.

Online Daily Coffee Breaks

Office Simulator

Unser (Home-)Office-Simulator > XITASO

Shorten Your Meetings To Allow Small Talks

Select “Shorten appointments and meetings” :)

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Daily / Weekly Questions

  1. Every team member asks a simple question in turns — every day or every week.
  2. Other team members answer the question. Answers often lead to discussions
XITASO Weekly Quiz Example

All Hands Meeting

Games Nights

Source: Somewhere from the Internet :)

Team Building Events

  • Remote Escape rooms
    The only difference from usual escape rooms is that instead of you and your colleagues being in the room yourself, you connect to a video call and there is a host who is in the room and acts on your behalf. It doesn’t sound too exciting but people seemed to like it.
  • Online Puzzle game
    This is a competitive team puzzle game designed for online use. Participants use the internet to solve miscellaneous problems, look for certain places on Google maps, record themselves doing challenges, etc. Super fun, cooperative and competitive at the same time.
  • Role Playing games
    They come in many different variations. The one we attended went like this: there was a host who told a story and we needed to act according to our roles. The activity included challenges, puzzles, bonding games. It wasn’t the most exciting activity, but contributed to build the team very well.
  • Quizzes
    We had a quiz session run by a famous quiz host. Basically it sums up to this: the host presented a question and some possible answers. Each team had time to discuss and pick the answer they think was the best. But as there was a very limited amount of time to submit every answer to avoid cheating, interactions among group members were quite shallow. It is fun if you are into quizzes. If you would like to engage more people you can create a quiz creation website, like Kahoot, with questions related to your company. Then most interactions happen between the questions.
  • Artist Performances
    There are so many different options to pick from. We had a magician performance! This was the most professional online performance we have experienced: multiple cameras from different angles, beautiful decorations, astonishing tricks, hands-on experience learning magic and super fluent flow from the performer side. It was amazing! Afterwards the team stayed for a while and tried to debunk a few tricks, shared excitement.
Toughlex Quiz Evening

Now, it is up to you!




I’m an Agile Coach that wants to inspire you to seek happiness in your work and your life, by changing the way we do stuff.

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Baptiste Grand

Baptiste Grand

I’m an Agile Coach that wants to inspire you to seek happiness in your work and your life, by changing the way we do stuff.

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