Defining Agile as your Organization Optimization Goal!

Last week, I gave a webinar for the IESE Business School, where I explored what Agile is and how it impacts the way Business and Organizations are run and structures. You can find the link to the video here bellow.

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Each organization has a purpose and a strategy to achieve it. If we take the example of retail shops, by opposing a discount supermarket (such as Lidl), with a luxury or specialized shop (such as Louis Vuitton or a BIO supermarket). It is then clear that even if their ultimate goal could appear to be the same, selling items to generate revenue, every aspect of how they are designed and ran is different.

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  1. In a changing world, you need to adapt to survive
  2. Optimizing your organization toward adaptiveness is called Agile
  3. To be Agile, adapt your culture and mindset
  4. Culture follows Structure
  5. Change the rules of the game, not the players.

I’m an Agile Coach that wants to inspire you to seek happiness in your work and your life, by changing the way we do stuff.