Is Agile a Software topic only?

1. What is Agile?

Agility is the goal of adaptability, which means reducing the cost of
changing. Everyone can see that the world is becoming less and less predictable, which makes agility a desirable skill. You want to be able to change your products, markets, policies and strategies as easily and as often as needed.

2. Why and since when Agile became relevant?

I think it actually started with globalization.

Dyson EV Prototype (now cancelled)

3. Where does agile make sense, only for software or also in other areas like mechanical engineering?

As already mentioned, if agility is taken seriously, it should impact
every aspects of the organization. It requires changes on your HR policies and how your value and pay your people, or changes on how strategic decisions are taken. Every aspect that does not help you to be adaptive or flexible need to be changed. It will be translated differently, but the mindset remains the same.

Margarete Hamilton with some of Appolo 13 source code

4. what is the current status? How many companies work (at least partially) agile?

There are not many metrics on this topic, and really no quantitative metric to measure a Mindset change. We have to rely on qualitative observation and what we can observe is that nowadays every successful business uses methods to increase its adaptability. Be it Tech companies, Finance, Insurance, Car Manufacturers, Aviation, Healthcare and more. You only need to take a look at how many jobs offers for Scrum Master are available online, and at who post them!

4. What methods are here to support a scaled Agile transformation?

There are two major frameworks that are emerging at the moments.
One is encapsulating Scrum in several administrative levels in order to maximize control over the process. The second is reducing the complexity of the organization in order to enable fast and decisive changes.

Do More with LeSS (Large Scaled Scrum)

6. What are the biggest challenges in the introduction of agile?

Surprisingly the main reason for the failure of an Agile Transition is not methodic but is linked to the corporate culture, and the lack of management support. Exciting, isn’t it? That’s the reason why Agile should not be considered as a software topic only. It runs deeper than just product development.

7. What would be the first step in establishing agile in the company?

This is a very hard question and it really depends on the purpose of the company, their “Why”, and on their initial setup.

8. What is the future of Agile Work? How will it develop in the future?

I don’t know, and that’s great! It shows that the agile principles apply to agile itself. We have to stay on the edge and never stop experimenting and learning.



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