Useful Resources to know more about Agile, Scrum and the World …

Weeks after weeks, trainings after trainings, I have been asked the same question by my students: “Now, what?”

It is clear that a one- or two-days training in not enough to go in the depth of what every role, ritual, artefact and principles are. Based on that, I have tried to compile a short list of resources (mostly videos) that can be easily consumed but also give great insight of their own topics.

Now, that I have done the work and mature this list over months, it is time to share it with the Agilists communities out there. So, there it is!

The Basics

You can’t do anything related to Scrum or Agile without having red and understood — two completely different things — the Scrum Guide. To go a bit deeper, I’ve added three videos that talk about each role.

The Scrum Guide:

Product Owner in a Nutshell: Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell

The role of a Scrum Master, in short: What is a ‘Scrum Master’? — Scrum Guide

The role of a Scrum Developer, in short, The Development Team — Scrum Guide

The Scrum Framework ©

The Context

It is good to know what you are doing, but it is better to know why. Take some time to watch these videos and he should help you to understand where the need for something like Scrum or any Agile good practices.

Managing for Happiness: Managing for Happiness | Jurgen Appelo | TEDxLille

The five dysfunctions of a team: THE 5 DYSFUNCTIONS OF A TEAM by Patrick Lencioni | Core Message

Jeff Sutherland TED Talk: Scrum: How to do twice as much in half the time | Jeff Sutherland | TEDxAix

The advanced Stuff

You should now have some understanding of what to do and why, when talking about a one team Scrum — but then? What is the best way to do a multiple team scrum? How long before my organization is ready for the next step?

The Agile fluency model: The Agile Fluency Model Explained: A Brief Guide to Success with Agile

Introduction to Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS): Introduction to LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) — Dawson

Summary of “The Lean Startup”: THE LEAN STARTUP SUMMARY (BY ERIC RIES)

Do more with LeSS © 2020 The LeSS Company B.V.

The Assessment

And now, it is time to measure your knowledge against a reference. I find the open assessments to be the best for this — as they should put you in a good place before taking a PSM, PSPO or PSD test.

Suggested Resources:

Scrum OPEN” assessment:

Scrum Developer OPEN” assessment:

Scrum PO OPEN” assessment:

The Ultimate Challenge!

Finally, the final test awaits … get back to the Scrum Guide and pinpoint what you now understand differently.

The Scrum Guide:

Disclaimer: I let a lot of topics out of this list (such as Design Thinking, XP, Management 3.0 or Scrum Patterns) — but you could definitely check them out.



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I’m an Agile Coach that wants to inspire you to seek happiness in your work and your life, by changing the way we do stuff.