Using Moving Motivators during Job Interviews

Moving Motiwhat?

The moving motivators are small cards that represents ten intrinsic motivations, known as CHAMPFROGS*, that are desires and values that each of us are longing for. These desires are subjective, so expressed differently by different people, and are strongly linked to each person’s “Why”.

Using the Moving Motivators during job interview

The way we are doing job interview at XITASO GmbH is not standard. Our goal is not to recruit resources based on a list of competence, but we are looking for human being that can bring us forward and grow with us on every aspect. The main difficulty in this endeavor is that you want to address people on the personal and emotional level, and not only on the professional one. In a tech company, ensuring the right level of technical skill is not that complicated, but assuring the best mindset fit is another story.
  1. we asked our candidates to read the cards and describe what they meant to them, in order to clear any possible misunderstandings.
  2. Then the candidates are asked to order the cards from the least important value to the most important value.
  3. And finally, they will explain why they places the card that way.

What we learned from this experiment.

The thing that we noticed immediately is that the warm up period during our job interview shrank drastically, from almost one hour to fifteen minutes. Quite astonish! We then utilize more time to explore deeper the motivations of the candidates, as well as their expectations. Our job interviews are already on the longer side of the spectrum, but this extra time invaluable. It is the difference between a decision and a bet.




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