What the new Scrum Guide 2020 means for our daily job!

Scrum is not the solution; it only helps to solve your problems.

Removing the Development Team

The abolition of the dev team seems at first sight to be a fundamental change; but it seems to me that this change should have the least impact.

What’s about the Sprint Backlog?

In simple terms, until the Scrum Guide was updated, the dev team was the owner of the Sprint Backlog, which could only be changed by the dev team. In the same way as the Product Owner is accountable for the Product Backlog.

Answer: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools!

In the end, communication was, is and will remain one of the decisive criteria of a successful Scrum team to prevent disruptions. Afterall, if everyone in the Scrum Team is looking toward achieving the same goals; why would you need more rules?

Sprint Goal is now a Scrum Artefact

Very very good change in my opinion. The capacity of a Scrum Team to manage itself, to plan and to achieve its sprint goal is crucial. A Sprint Goal creates focus and facilitates the decision of what to do — or not to do — during a sprint. The Scrum Team should therefore ask themselves everyday:

Can we reach our goal? If not, in what way do we need to adjust the plan?

The Scrum Team should not be afraid to remove planned backlog items from their planned sprint if it serves the sprint goal. A Team should not ask themselves whether they can complete their Sprint Backlog but whether the Sprint is still worth it? This is the reason the Scrum Planning topics were adapted to include the following question: Why is this Sprint valuable?

Addition of Product Goals

Which brings us to the next point: Product Goals.

Start with WHY!

Making Scrum ready for scaling

Scrum was designed with one team in mind.

The LeSS Framework


The Scrum Guide 2020 contains great changes: The dev team is formally abolished; sprint goals are now a mandatory Scrum artifact and product goals have been added.

Happy birthday Scrum!



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