Why and how OKRs works for us!

The pillars of OKR (and Scrum)

How does OKRs work?

OKR could be defined as an Agile practice as it relies heavily on the values of transparency, inspection and adaptation. It is very simple to understand and extremely difficult to master, and in many regards share similarities with Scrum. It also finds its home as a Management 3.0 practice.

The OKR Process

Why we tried OKRs?

At XITASO GmbH, we started experimenting with OKRs at the end of 2019, when it became clear that we needed extra alignment between our Communities of Practices.

“Being Speaker at X events” was one of our Agile Community’s OKR

Why it worked for us!

After running the framework for three cycles, I can now say that it really does work for us. We noticed that the objectives of each Community are getting somewhat similar, while their key results were diverging quite a bit. It shows us an alignment on the “Why” and “How” parts of our strategy, as well as a full ownership of the “What”. Compared with my previous experimentations with the OKR Framework, there is some important learnings that I can extract:



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Baptiste Grand

Baptiste Grand


I’m an Agile Coach that wants to inspire you to seek happiness in your work and your life, by changing the way we do stuff.